I've got a similar problem due to doing one failed and one successful System
Recovery on an HP.
In my C:\Doents and Settings I have, among other folders, ...

Owner.YOUR-FULKL10H2Q -- which is complete garbage
Owner_2 -- which is my system directory that I'd like to rename to John
Owner -- which is the real problem, because "Access is denied", yet it used
to contain everything that I'm trying to recover

So I have two questions: 1) how do I get Access Granted to my important
data, and 2) how can I change the name of my system directory??


"Kent W. England [MVP]" <kwemvps.org> wrote in message
> Windows just told you for your own protection that you shouldn't rename
> system folders. That is because you will break important things if you
> do. Perhaps you had better describe what folders you want to rename and
> why and we can help you figure out how to solve your problem before you
> create a real problem.
> --
> Kent W. England, Microsoft MVP for Windows
> "Julie" <COVERED5112aol.com> wrote in
> message news:059301c33212$4305a770$a301280aphx.gbl...
> > I have lost my original post, so I apologize if this is
> > the 3rd time here. In Local Disk C/Doents and Settings/
> > there is a folder with a name yyyyyyy ( example)when I
> > right click on this, or in any other way ( like in
> > properties) try to change the name of this folder I am told
> > "yyyyyyy in a Windows System Folder and cannot be renamed
> > or moved...." Is there a way I can rename this?