Hello all,

I'm finding trouble accesing the proporties of my 3d-model exported from
3dstudio. It is a very simple structure. It's foundation is called "Muur"
and everything else is linked to this object. I want to change the texture
of "Muur" and also of its linked objects. With "Muur", i have no problems.
I use :

-- > member("Model").model("Muur").shader.texture = myTexture1

But when I want to change the object "Plint" this doens't work :

-- > member("Model").model("Plint").shader.texture = myTexture2

But it's possible to acces the proporties of this object this way because
the next lines to change the color do work!

-- > member("Model").model("Glas").shader.diffuse = rgb("FFFFFF")

The Object "Glas" has the same link, but no UVW-map or texture

Can anyone help me with this?


Martin Baars
Grafische vormgeving - Multimedia