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Here is a nice question for you guys about character studio, shockwave and havok
This is the situation:
I have set up a biped in max and applied the physique modifier to a mesh of a soccerplayer to connect the mesh to the biped.
Then I applied some animation to the biped (a walk cicle and a kick animation).
If I want to export the whole thing to director shockwave I group the biped/mesh, export it to w3d and import it to director.
So far so good, everything works fine in director and I can play the animation.

But here comes the problem. I want to be able to kick a ball using havok physique engine. Looks simpel, you attach a box to "Biped Right Foot", define the box, the ball and the floor as a rigid body collection, and theoraticaly, as the soccerplayer makes the kick, the box will interact with the ball.
Now if I want to export this to director I have to group the biped/mesh. And here the problems arise, because if I group it, the box looses its ability to be part of a rigid body collection. If I don't make it part of the group, it won't export properly (it will not follow the 'Biped Right Foot' properly). To get around this I thought well, maybe I can define the box as a rigid body collection from within director. This brought up the problem that the soccerplayer only shows up in director as one object, the biped parts are not visible or accessible and thus the box cannot be linked to the bipeds right foot.

I tried some other suggestions that I found on the internet, like making seperate groups for the biped/mesh and the box, or using dummies, but nothing works.
So my question is: is it possible to access the biped parts using director lingo and link the box to the 'Biped Right Foot', and can asign the box rigid body capabilities after I have linked it?

If anybody has any suggestions I would like to hear them.
Thanks in advance,

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