I can't open and recompile the chat example included with the install (see
folder path below). Nor can I copy the code and use it in a new .mxml file. I
get "unknown Destination: 'chat-topic-jms' ....blah, blah, blah.

After failing to get my app running I tried to import the chat project, open
the chat.mxml file, and recompile the chat.mxml file (included in the Flex 2
install; see folder location below) but no luck, same error. But if I open the
chat.swf included in the install
(C:\fes2\jrun4\servers\default\samples\messageserv ice\chat) it runs perfectly.

Can anyone tell me what is going on? To duplicate my results go to the path
(C:\fes2\jrun4\servers\default\samples\messageserv ice\chat) import the chat
file structure and try to recompile the chat.mxml file. You should get the
same error as I do.

Has anyone had any success creating a chat app? Or is there a tut for Flex
2.0 on creating a chat app?