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Hi I have made Chess Game using AS 2.0 ... it have been comleted ... its 2 player game ...... now i want to Connect with Flash Communication Server .... i startred to work on Flash Communcation Server ..... and try to connect it with that ... but could not be do it kindly guide me ... how can i do this .... bye...

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    Default Chess Game


    I have made Chess Game using AS 2.0 ... it have been comleted ... its 2 player
    game ...... now i want to Connect with Flash Communication Server .... i
    startred to work on Flash Communcation Server ..... and try to connect it with
    that ... but could not be do it
    kindly guide me ... how can i do this ....


    ajaazz Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    I will be assisting you in this matter. Can you please give more idea about for
    what you want to use FCS for. From what I understand you will be using FCS for
    saving and synchronizing state of the chess board between two players. You said
    your chess game is completed so it should take too long too make it work for

    video conferencing Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game


    thanks for reply .... below are details

    i started work on FCS recently .... and using this help and some samples i
    have made some chating applications ... now i have stared worked on shared game
    .... i tried to connect .. used different methods and logics but faluire ....

    chess details
    i made this game using AS2.0 and used Classes in this ... All the functions
    are there ... just using Objects in Flash File .. this is my method of game

    kindly guide me to connect the server ... i will be very greatfull to u


    ajaazz Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game


    is here no one have a solution?

    ajaazz Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    Hi ajaazz,

    I put a multi-player chess game on FlashComm server 10 months ago at


    where Remote Shared Objects are used to paly games and Audio/Video streamings
    to chat for players/watchers privately or publically. You may have a look and
    ask some questions here.

    Have fun!


    JeffreyGong Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    I 'm in a hurrican Rita's path, so I have to leave the city, any way, Did you
    started building the chess game? I guess you should start it through looking at
    some samples, and any problem in coding we can help out.
    Lets make sure you follow all these steps,

    Did you created your application inside application folder in FCS with
    main.asc or appropriate script file there
    Then you can connect to server through netconnection object.
    And create on shared object on the server side and used that object on client
    side and start saving chess state.

    Just give us details about the steps you followed in order to connect to


    video conferencing Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    thanks for reply
    i tell u what i did ...

    1st of all i made my using Classed ... then try to connect that ... that have
    been connected .. i have a portion of chat in my game... i used Communication
    Components for the chat .... that was working ............. mean we two persons
    did chat on two comuters ....
    and after that using Shared Object Tutorial .... i shared on Object ... that
    was moving on 2 or more than 2 computers
    but when i started work on my chess objects ..... i couldnt attached that ...
    because All the data and charcters are using by arrays ......... and i cant be
    understand that how i work now ....
    if u say i send u my chess .... or do u have any helpfull material related to
    this send me
    this is my ID

    waiting for reply

    Thanks and By

    ajaazz Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    ajaazz Guest

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    Default Re: Chess Game

    Hey, I've been using flashcomm for about 2 months now and I have found the
    easiest way to do stuff like that is to pass objects into your shared object
    the write interpriter functions. In your case I think the easiest way to do it
    because you have a fixed number of pieces would be to do this.

    create your shared object:
    var chess_so:SharedObject =
    SharedObject.getRemote("chess_so",netConnection.ur i);
    this.chess_so.onSync = function(chessInfo){
    for(var i in chessInfo){
    //go through all your pieces, each one has an object dedicated to it
    and in that object has who can move it, if it is still alive, and its position,
    and what type of piece it is
    var info = chessInfo;
    case "success": //the add your code that will interperate
    that you have successfully moved a piece
    case "change": //add the code that will read what has
    changed for a piece
    }//end of switch
    }//end of for
    }end of onSync function
    }//end of onSync function

    I'm sorry I don't have more time right now to explain it, but I have to go to
    class, I hope this can get you started.
    By the way, O'Reilly has a great flashcomm book. You may want to look it up,
    thats how I was able to learn it to the extent I know. Thats why alot of this
    code looks like what they have in their book.

    MaxVT103 Guest

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