I know we all love to hear: "I'm new to lingo", but we all gotta start

Here's my problem. I wanted to create a chess game. Now I used some of the
built in behaviors: Draggable and snap to grid. With these I can move my
pieces and they drop at the right spot. That was the easy part. Now here are
the other problems I face and I really don't know where to start.

-How do I set constraints for the movement of the pieces? (Knight moves in
an L, Pawn moves 1 at a time...)
-How can I have a sprite move off the board when another sprite lands on it
so that I don't have to manually move it off.
-I have a layer for every piece, is this the best way to do it?

I know some of these are complicated, but I would just need the basics to
start. Should I even use the behaviors? I hope someone out there has the
time to help me out a little. Oh and I'm using Director MX.

Just out of curiosity: I've created the white pawns. I'm using a chess font.
Now if I duplicate the white ones and change the color to black, all of them
change to black obviously because they're associated to the same cast
member. Is there a way around this? or do I have to duplicate the cast
member and redo everything from scratch every time?