Hi -

I'm a new Contribute user, and apols if this is covered elsewhere in the
Forums - I've searched high and low to no avail...

I'd like to be able to cite HTML quotes in my blog (Wordpress if that helps).

When I first create a Post, Contribute allows and posts all my tags as exactly
what I typed, without a problem. However, if I then go back and edit that post
the HTML gets pd and I suddenly see the HTML-formatted version of what I
typed. Not so good, especially since half the contents are between "php" tags
and therefore disappear in my blog.

I've tried using both "pre" and "< >" to get round this, but the same
situation still exists - as soon as I go back to edit my blog Contribute eats
through the HTML and displays it where it knows how to.

Any thoughts out there? Thanks in advance!