Hello all ,

I would like to clarify regarding the ONBAR restore mechanism for a
scenario which i explained below.
I performed a cold restore with the most recent (level0+level1+logs). Now,
the database is back to online mode.

1) Is it ok if i just continue with incremental backups until the next
scheduled level 0 on this box ?
2) Should the level-0 mandatory immediately after the cold restore ?

Since its a DEV system, I take a level 0 for this system once in 2 weeks and
i perform incremental backups every 2 days plus cont. logs.Lets say if
something happens to this system again before the next scheduled level 0,
can i restore from the old level 0 + the incremental backups taken after the
prior restore + the logs ?

Rajesh Rajasekaran
Informix Database Administrator
Forest Pharmaceuticals Inc.
(314) 493-7073

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