In my app, I have a section called add sale. When this state is called I
use initialize to call a fucntion. This function queries my db and I use
another fucntion that populates a text input when the results are

With the code below, how can I clear the results of the state. I have
several text inputs that I have set to no values, but I cant figure out
how to make it so that the next time I call the state, the text input is
populated again. I am assuming that I need to clear the results handler.
But I am not sure how to do that.

Here are the snippets of code.

Webservice call:
<mx:WebService id="SaleMod" useProxy="false"
<mx:operation name="qiAdminSaleStart"
result="SaleModqiAdminSaleStartResult( SaleMod.qiAdminSaleStart.result
)" fault="SaleModqiAdminSaleStartFault( event )"/>

Function used to query my db:

// used to call the service
function SaleModqiAdminSaleStart(){

// called when results received
function SaleModqiAdminSaleStartResult( result ){
fileNum.text = result;

function SaleModqiAdminSaleStartFault ( event ){}