The situation is this,

1. We as the design company have built the site in DW and are not behind a
2. Our clients are behind a firewall and have been granted ftp access for a
number of PCs only which will be used to Contribute toward the site.
3. We as the design company will remain as the administrators.
4. We've been given the firewall host and told which ports are open to FTP.
5. Configuring the connection keys on the admin machine which is not behind
the firewall doesn't appear to be possible. Once I've selected the advanced
option to configure the firewall details for an individual key and entered the
firewall host and port on clicking next Contribute tells me, "Contribute could
not find the specified folder. Please make sure the URL is correct."

So I guess my question is,

Can anyone explain whether,

a) It's possible to administrate a site with different connection details (no
firewall details) and contribute so to speak from behind a firewall?
b) What the design/workflow is for this scenario and what settings are
required to make it work.

Incidently I'm quite shocked at the poor support available from Macromedia.