I've got a scene that's built up from models cloned from a W3D file. I'm
trying to clone motions from another W3D file that just contains animation
data. I preload both W3D files and ensure that they have a state of 4 before
moving to the main run frame. The scene looks fine but the cloned motions are
not working correctly. They appear to have been applied to the model as the
model is moving very slightly, as if it really wants to be animated but
something isn't allowing it to be. Is this something to do with the difference
between the axes in Director and 3DS? If so is there a work around?

If I export a single W3D containing both models and animations and drop this
straight onto the stage then I can see the animation fine. When I split up the
files then try to clone them back into an empty 3D castmember the animations
don't work?

Any clues?