Hi all,

I am working with an IIS in a cluster running W2K. I need ASP.Net for the
IIS so I Installed FrameWork.Net in both machines for this issue. IIS runs
perfectly but I have a problem with frameWork.Net when it tries to run asp:

Security Exception

Description: The application tried to make an unauthorized operation due to
security directive.

System.Security.SecurityException: line 32.

Lne 30: private static bool __intialized = false;
Lne 31:
Lne 32: public Global_asax() {
Lne 33: if ((ASP.Global_asax.__intialized == false)) {
Lne 34: ASP.Global_asax.__intialized = true;

C:\WINNT\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\Tempora ry ASP.NET

Microsoft Release .NET Framework:1.0.3705.288; ASP.NET release:1.0.3705.288