Okay, how the hell am I meant to do this ?

I've set an IBAction as the target for my matrix and my
routine does actually get called when the user clicks on
the matrix, but it's always one call behind: first click
gets ignored. I need to detect clicks and then tell which
cell was clicked in. Currently I'm using

- (IBAction)matrixTarget:(id)sender

then finding the clicked cell by looking at the selection
of the matrix.

I didn't do any subclassing. Should I be doing stuff with
mouseDown ? Subclassing the NSMatrix ? Subclassing NSCell ?

I was thinking of using an NSTable instead but I need to have
different cells contain different colour text and I need each
cell to have a different toolTip and it seemed easier with a
matrix of NSTextFields. The text fields don't need to be
editable by the user, they just get set by the program.

I've done far more clever things with Cocoa than this but
this particular one has me completely stumped. It's possible
I'm just connecting things wrong in IB. Thanks for any help.