I'm working on a project that involves a Cocoa UI in a Carbon application.
I've followed the CocoaInCarbon sample from Apple, and I've managed to do
the job.

However I have the following weird behaviour:
- I can't get CommandProcess events from my Carbon menubar. More precisely,
I get them, but when I try to retrieve the HICommand, I get -9870 error.
- wherever I click in my window (event in the content, or some controls
like sliders), the window moves as if I had clicked in the title bar.

The 2 main differences between my app and the CocoaInCarbon sample are the
- my Cocoa window is created programmatically rather than loaded from a nib
- all the Cocoa related stuff is in a statically linked library rather than
in a dynamically loaded bundle

I can't believe that these 2 differences lead to such a misbehaviour.

Does anyone have experience on this subject and got a clue ?