I have a Cocoa app in which I'm having trouble dragging PDF image reps
from NSImageViews (and other NSView subclasses) into Keynote slides. I
have done all the setup to provide pasteboard types (PDF is entry zero
in the list), and can drag images into TextEdit (and other apps - drag &
drop generally seems to work in my program). However when I drag the
same image into Keynote, the plus sign does not appear and the icon
slides back upon release.

To make things even more confusing, I *am* able to copy the same image
into Keynote using CMD-C to copy then CMD-V to paste in Keynote (uses
the same Objective-C methods).

Any thoughts on what would be causing this? The only application I've
found that does drag to Keynote is Latex Equation Editor, which posts a
NSFilenamesPboardType pasteboard type.

I can post specific code fragments if it might help, but at this point
felt the answer may lie in the generalities of pasteboard handling in

Thanks for any suggestions,