We are trying to improve the process for development and repurposing of
articles and e-mail promotions as well specialty sites. In order to accomplish
this we have built-out database driven content management system that include
these articles. This will enable us to dynamically use articles in any area of
our public site or the membership site without duplicating the same pages
numerous times for each area or manually developing, updating and archiving
articles. It will manage our content, usage rights, and privileges as well as
achieved content from one place. It will also free up WebDev resources
currently required to develop these articles as well as IT resources required
for testing these pages. The editors will write articles and manage their
content directly in Webhouse; the proofreaders will automatically be sent the
content to proofread and the Web publisher will automatically be sent the
approved proofread content to publish.

The membership site is currently served via Domino but the work we are doing
on the managment system to make our articles dynamic requires Coldfusion. Is it
possible to serve pages with Coldfusion and Domino in the same way that we are
currently serving pages on the amanet.org site with Coldfusion and IIS? If not,
how can we allow these dynamic articles to exist in the Domino environment? For
user authentication, we need to use Domino ? is there a way we can still
achieve this authentication and still use our Coldfusion pages?