A few months ago we had a boss that rubber stamped everything with a "Sure we
can do that" to every technology that was asked to be implemented. He is now
gone, but as a result of his "Sure we can do that" attitude I am now stuck
supporting a system that I have never even heard of until the past few weeks.

I had nothing to do with the rollout, implementation or configuration of the
server running Coldfusion and my support role of the production system should
be minimal. I am absolutely responsible though for ensuring that the server is
backed up nightly and that the backups can be used to fully restore the system
in the event of disaster.

That being said, I see that there is a backup directory at c:\MSDE\Backup with
nightly backups of the SQL database. Those then get backed up to tape by our
regular nightly backup proceedure utilizing CommVault Galaxy 6.1. However I do
see in my CommVault logs that the following files are not being backed up each
night due to "Access Denied" errors:

[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\assists\000 00095.wld] Access is
[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\assists\000 00095.wld] Access is
[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 126.did] Access is denied.
[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 127.did] Access is denied.
[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 127.ddd] Access is denied.
[C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 126.ddd] Access is denied.

Funny thing is for these 6 files, if I right click and go to properties, there
is no security tab to view or manage permissions on the individual files.
Similar named files in the directory backup fine and have the security tab.
For example C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 130.ddd and
C:\CFusionMX7\verity\collections\chrid\parts\00000 130.did are fine.

Can anyone tell me what these files are and the impact of them not being able
to be backed up should disaster strike?

I should also note that this is running in a Windows 2003 Environment.

Thanks to anyone that can assist.