Hi all,
i'm Massimiliano and i hope that you understand my problem because my English
isn't good! (Italian boy...).
Firsto of all: my OS is Slackware 10.1
Some days ago i downloaded the macromedia coldfusion mx 7 and 6.1. I will use
one of these but this is not important.
the process of the installation jams and it does not give back error or other.
I'm tried to wait for anything but after 3 hour nothing happenes!

CF MX 6.1
the process finishd and the program says me that i have only to digit
/opt/coldfusion/bin/cfusion start
but when i make ./cfusion stat in the directory /opt/coldfusion/bin it respond
that no coldfusion server are in execution... And when i try to open one page
*.cfm the browser return me a blank page with one series of strange characters.
The log of installation says me that the process isn't able to determinate if
compat-libstdc++ is installed... I've searching this library but i not find it
in my slack.
But i accerted that my libstdc++ is the version 2.3.9 (or 2.3.4 not sure of
that) however superior at the 2.2.5 required...
Anyone have ideas?