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color change - Adobe Photoshop Elements

When I browse and click the pictures in PSE2, the whole picture color changed to reddish and obvisouly it looked very different from the original picture. And this happened to every picture that I picked (clicked) Any advise Thanks Stephen...

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    Default color change

    When I browse and click the pictures in PSE2, the whole picture color changed to reddish and obvisouly it looked very different from the original picture. And this happened to every picture that I picked (clicked)

    Any advise


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    stephen Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Hi Stephen,

    In a phrase: "Colour Management"

    PSE2 is a Colour Managed application (unlike most others), so some calibration of the monitor is in order.

    If you're on a Mac with OSX 10.2.x, then use the application "Display Calibrator" in the Applications/Utilities folder, for MSWindows, I believe (but am not sure) that there may be a utility in the Photoshop Elements 2 folder called "Adobe Gamma" or similar. If you run the appropriate utility then PSE2 will use that information to try and keep your camera/scanner, monitor and printer all seeing/showing the same colours.

    Either of these utilities will just do a rough estimate, that is usually good enough for the average home user. There are hardware/software systems available that will do a quite accurate assessment and build a profile.

    If all of the pictures are from a single source, especially a digital camera, then the EXIF data embedded, by the camera, in the JPEG images may be misinterpreted by PSE2. There is a special plug-in in the Adobe Support area that will tell PSE2 to ignore EXIF data.

    Hopefully this will help.

    Kyle Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Thanks Kyle,
    Eventough I have not fixed the problem, thanks for the advice

    stephen Guest

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    Default Re: color change


    Thought one of those would do the trick. Hmm, the only other thing I can think of, off hand, is to make sure you've got nothing selected, in the way of tools etc, that may be indicating an action ready to operate on the entire picture. I believe masks use a red hue by default.

    Hopefully somebody with more experience than I will wade in here.

    A few more details about your operating system and machine may be needed as well.


    Kyle Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Are you using a camera that includes EXIF color information? If so, repost and ask someone about "ignore EXIF". It hasn't ever been a problem for me, but there's something tickling my brain about this being another cause of strange colorations in images, particularly the reddish cast. I think that may be the problem, but I don't remember how it's dealt with.

    If you repost, also include information about the camera you're using and your platform and operating system. That'll get you an answer targeted to yours hardware combination.
    Beth Guest

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    Default Re: color change


    I'll echo what both Kyle and Beth have mentioned about the IgnoreEXIF

    When I began using PSE2, all of my images opened with a pinkish cast.
    Running IgnoreEXIF cleared it, for me.

    It's a download from the Adobe web site.


    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Kale, Beth, Byron

    Problem solved after download the Ignore EXIF !!

    Thanks for the great advise. This is really a useful forum to learn from the others

    Stephen Guest

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    Default Re: color change


    Eeeeeexelent!!! ...wish all issues were so easily remedied.

    Byron Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Can someone direct me to this utility please? I've scanned through Adobe website but could not find it.
    thanks in advance
    fran Guest

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    Default Re: color change


    It's here:

    Juergen Guest

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    Default Re: color change


    Many thanks for the link.
    fran Guest

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    Default Re: color change

    Fran, that was the Windows link.

    Juergen Guest

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