This is a little complicated but I am hoping there is an answer.

At work we use several FH templates (Mac 9.2, FH 10) which each have
their own set of swatches that were created a long time ago in 5 or 7.
The colors are supposed to simulate pairs of Pantone colors following
their CMYK builds and are all named with c and k, for instance, 10c50k,
regardless of what colors are actually being used. We also have a Cyan
and Black template that has the swatches named in the same way.

This enables us to paste or place a file in any one of the templates
into any other template and have the colors come out correctly. The fake
Pantone ones are used for visualization printout/design purposes and
everything is converted to Cyan and Black at the end for image assembly.

This requires that, if an older spot is adapted or used it must be
converted from Cyan and Black to whatever colors are needed and then
every file, usually over thirty per publication has to be converted to
Cyan/Black from whatever colors they are in and the file names retained
so the files are overwritten.

That procedure typically consist of opening the template, paste or place
the file, save as the original file name (and navigate to the correct
folder to save in). This is very tedious and boring.

It seems to me that there MUST be a way to do this more easily or to
automate it. I have tried writing an Applescript, tried wiping out the
swatches list in a file and importing another one which I made, but no
matter what I do it is either the same amount of work or more.
Anyone have an idea how I can make this easier? I was thinking the
Master Pages feature might help but I can't see a way to use it for this
purpose. It's frustrating not to be able to import an entire Color
Library in one shot, which might be a starting point.

Any ideas appreciated. I can attempt scripting but I'm not very good
with that yet.

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