i created at form in flash([url]http://digidem.net/test/test_tony.hml[/url]) and after filling out the text fields and selecting from the combo box and pressing submit, what gets returned is the first item in the combo box, never the item that the user actaully selects...now i know the code on the server side is ok because it is pulling a value...just not the correct one so i assume my actionscript is off...ive tried:

formData.category = categoryIN.getSelectedItem().label;
formData.category = categoryIN.getValues().label;
and both without the .label; at the end. but still no luck getting it to send over the value from the combo box that the end user actaully selects.

my parameters are as follows:
Editable: False
Labels: [Select One, item1, item2, item3]
Data: []
Rows: 4

i am using flash mx 2k4