Hi and thanks in advance:

This should be simple to do but I can't seem to get it to work:

I have a very common main form - sub form architecture for customer-orders,
in fact, exactly like the ones given in the Northwind sample database. I
have added a "order status" to each order, (for example, open, closed,
negotiating, etc), so I want to add a combo box on the main form where the
user can select an order status, form and sub-form will be filter by the
status that the user selected, i.e., the form will only display the
customer's orders that match the selected status. I have tried lots of
things to make this work, for example: "form.requery", setting the sub
form's "recordsource" to an sql with a where clause, etc. I can't seem to
get the sub-form to "requery" and refresh itself.

Any idea? or better yet, links to example code that I can look at?