Ours is a web based application with three tier architecture. Recently
our client has reported a issue described below.

Their production server has been having 2 of it's 4 processors
completely utilized,
yielding 50% utilization over all. In investigating the processes
causing the problem,
they found that there are two calls to a DLL that are stuck in the
following partial call stack:
> ntoskrnl.exe+0x3a8ca
> ntoskrnl.exe+0x3f154
> ntoskrnl.exe+0x22bc5
> hal.dll+0x462d
> MSVBVM60.DLL!_vbaStrCmp+0x4
> <DLLName>.dll!DllCanUnloadNow+0x13a43
> OLEAUT32.dll!DispCallFunc+0xc3
> MSVBVM60.DLL!_vbaAptOffset+0x68b
> OLEAUT32.dll!SafeArrayCopyData+0x305
> OLEAUT32.dll!BSTR_UserFree+0x333e
> RPCRT4.dll!NdrCStdStubBuffer_Release+0x48
> RPCRT4.dll!CStdStubBuffer_Invoke+0x82
> OLEAUT32.dll!DllRegisterServer+0x83c
They are currently running msvbvm60.dll version dated
4/29/2005 on the servers.
We are neither able to te this error in our side and nor able
to interpret the logs. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated
as this is turned out as a critical issue for us.

Thanks in advance.