Any suggestions on this?

I took Compress::Bzip2 and did a bit more than just putting BZ2_ in
front of the appropriate functions (so it would compile with bzlib 1.0.2).

It now has similar functionality to Compress::Zlib, with bzopen, bzread,
bzwrite, bzclose, bzflush, stream io, etc etc. This was a trick, since
bzlib doesn't have equivalents that work (properly) so I had to use the
low level interface.

It's mostly perl xs code. I also put in a set of about 40 test scripts
in the cpan style to test everything out. The test suite passes on
intel linux (32bit), hpux pa-risc 2.0w (64bit), hpux itanium 64 bit.

I added a set of cover functions, so that it can masquerade as
Compress:Zlib (ie, gzread, gzwrite, etc etc). Programs that work with
Compress::Zlib for the most part need no changes to use (my)

However, I am not the owner of Compress::Bzip2 on the PAUSE server.
From previous emails, I understand the original author is no longer
interested in maintaining it, and the current maintainer isn't
interested in doing more than patching it to work with bzlib 1.0.2.

So, I don't either of them would mind if I took it over. However, I
can't raise them by email.

I can either
1. change the name slightly and re-upload it.
2. get somebody with admin to make me the new owner.

I don't like 1. cause it will lead to confusion. It is the only one I
can do on my own though.

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