i have written this query on test database works fine but when we
transfered both tables and the query to production we are getting two
different results

the test version of oracle is- Oracle8i Enterprise Edition
the procuction version is -Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release
is this causing the problem?

SELECT 1 nivel, p.part_no item_number, ' ' mli, p.description, '1'
quantity, 'EA' uom,'9' make
FROM table_name p
WHERE part_no = '*'
SELECT a.nivel, a.part item_number, ml_no mli, b.description,
a.quantity, b.uom,
FROM (SELECT LEVEL + 1 nivel, a.*
FROM essen_bom a
CONNECT BY assembly = PRIOR part AND assembly <> part
START WITH assembly = '*'
ORDER BY ess_hier_order) a,
table_name b
WHERE a.part = b.part_no

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