I have downloaded the Contribute 3.11 trial to update my Contribute 3. I've
installed it on 3 different Macs running OS 10.3 and all 3 installations have
the same symptoms. If I attempt to click on File in the Toolbar, I either
freeze or get a error message:

While executing DWMenu_File_PublishLocal enabled in ccmenus.xml, the following
JavaScript erro)s) occurred:

TypeError: dw.hasAnySites is not a function.

I can use the other Toolbar functions, just not FILE.

I downloaded the 3.11 Trial again and installed again. No change. I don't want
to go back to 3.1 because there was a bug in 3.1 that makes my coldFusion
includes not work and makes it just as useless for my users. The update (3.11
trial install with license) works fine on the PCs.

Any suggestions? All of the machines that have the problem originally had
Contribute 2 installed before upgrading to 3. I think all machines had the
original Contribute 3 installer first and then the Contribute 3.11 installed to
fix the coldFusion includes bug. Should I try to uninstall all the old versions
and just install the trial with our license?

Any other MAC users out there install the 3.11 updater, I mean trial? :-)