"Looks like Contribute doesn't like those templates or their dependent files.
It is possible that Contribute is unable to resolve one of the dependent files
(probably main.css). Please check where this is located in the site."

Could you expand on this a little for me as i have the same problem.

The site i am working on already has a site up and running, so i have placed
my files inside a folder named 'testsite' while i figure out how to work
Contribute. The 'testsite' folder is uploaded into the main root folder.

I have also uploaded a 'Templates' folder into the main root folder, but all
of the dependant files are within the 'testsite' folder. Could this be causing
problems? Should i copy my 'images' folder to the root folder as well? (i would
have to rename it as there is already the images folder from the existing site
in there...