Hello all,

I hope someone can help with this:

I set up a site in my copy of Contribute, with myself as
administrator, and created a user with all the settings as I wanted
them for my client to be able to add to his site pages.

He came over for his training, and I demonstrated clicking on the
key, so creating for myself a user account for his site, in
Contribute (version 3), using his password, and editing several
different parts of his pages. He was happy with that.

He just called up to confirm that I had set 3 rollbacks in case he
made a mess. I tried to go in to Contribute to check that, and find
that there is no account there any longer with me as administrator. I
decided to remove the user account I had created, and wonder what I
can now do to find the settings I used when I set up his account?
This is a most unintuitive procedure. It was much better when we set
all the permissions in Dreamweaver,way back when.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Ellie Kennard, Innovative Imaging Studio : [url]http://www.iiStudio.com[/url]