I'm having a huge problem with Contribute - it was working fine, then all users at this location became unable to edit pages. When Contribute tries to create the draft, they get the error message "Access Denied. The file may not exist or there could be a permission problem " and nothing is created in the drafts folder. I've checked the permissions to C:/Doents and Settngs/user/Application Data/Macromedia/Contribute and they are fine - I can create a folder and a doent there as the user. At least one user has admin rights.

I can edit pages on the site fine from my laptop.

The only difference I see is that I'm in a different AD to the users with a problem - if I try to edit using my user in that AD I get the same error (even though I'm an enterprise admin). I did create a local user on one PC to see if the AD qwas affecting things- still got the same result. Contribute installed on a newly (re)built PC works until the PC reboots, then the same error.

I've uninstalled and installed, wiped registery settings and retried till I'm blue in the face...

This is driving me nuts - any clues?