I have designed a website in dreamweaver 8 (part of my CS2 package?) including
making some template pages for the client to populate with doents etc.

I have Contribute 3 (Macromedia - part of the package I have) and, using this,
all the editable regions show the correct background.

In dreamweaver I specifically gave the editable regions a white background and
a high 'z' layer number?

the div in question is normally so large that it extends well below the
'wrapper' of the normal webpage and so I have naturally set the overflow to

I have purchased and installed Contribute CS3 (it says Version 4.1 on the
'about' screen) onto the clients computer.

When she creates a new page using this template - all is well - except that
the backbround of the main div in question appears to be transparent!?

The black page background shows through the div instead - making it impossible
to read the dark blue text (which shows correctly)?

We can change the colour of the text and the page background temporarily (in
contribute) but this is time consuming with over 400 doents to create via
this template.

Can anyone advise what I might be doing wrong or if this is a compatibility
problem or if there is a bug in the clients 4.1(?) version etc.?


PS. on both my own computer and my laptop (new VAIO) i can see the designated
white background to the div perfectly and all is well.
..but I'm using Contribute 3 (macrmomedia?) not CS3?.