IE displays tables incorrectly when a "Height" value is set on a <table> tag,
also this markup doesn't validate. So I need to give instructions to Contribute
users I support for how to remove the table height values from the pages they
created with Contribute... only CONTRIBUTE doesn't provide a way to do this!!!

Try this:

1. create a new doent in Contribute with only one table with three rows and
three columns and populate it with text

table width: 600
border: 1
cellpadding & cellspacing: 0
first col: 300 px
second col: 150 px
third col: 150 px

2. Publish and view source code: no height tags.

3. Open the doent again for Editing in Contribute.
Select the entire table (click inside the table, then Table > Select Table),
then drag the lower edge to make it taller.
This adds a heights value to the <table> tag. Confirm this by publishing and
viewing source.

4. Now TRY to remove that height value in Contribute. It is impossible.

This doesn't work:
Table > Select Table, Table > Table Cell Properties... , click "Row and
Column" tab, click "Fit to Contents" radio button.

This also doesn't work:
Selecting the table and dragging it smaller.

Maybe I am overlooking something?