Many of my Windows Contribute clients, because of their Nortons, spyware, and
firewall software cannot connect to a server with a Contribute enabled site.
Disenabling the security/spyware, usually takes care of these connection
issues. Is there a tech note from Macromedia that describes how to troubleshoot
connection problems associated with Contribute running on the XP/Windows PCs?

As webmaster, who has sold quite a few copies of Contribute for Macromedia to
my clients, it is very frustrating and difficult for me (a non PC, Mac user)
to search and disable all these PC security softwares, which I am not familiar
with. The Contribute error connection messages usually blames the server, but
usually it's the Contribute client installed on a Window or XP machine. It
would be nice if Contribute had more revealing connection messages**, so I
could disable these security programs, and so my clients, can edit their
Contribute enabled sites.

** example: "Contribute detects Nortons on this computer, please disable,
before continuing with Contribute".