Hey all,

I currently have several templates using repeating elements
(TemplateBeginRepeat). Up until now they have worked as expected. However,
recently one of my users has had javascript errors that seem to be stemming
from the use of this template element.

When trying to add a repeatable element (hitting the "+" sign) she gets the
following error:


While executing onLoad in InsertRepeatEntry.htm, the following JavaScript
error(s) occured:

In file ""InsertRepeatEntry"": ReferenceError: DoCommand is not defined.[/Q]

Nothing seemed to have changed in the template at the time this error popped
up for her. She believes she may have had a windows update in around the same
time but she's not sure of the timing.

No other users have had this issue pop up with any of the templates, so i'm
not sure what could have happened. Would a windows update have changed anything
with Contribute's javascript settings?

Any help you could share would be most appreciated.