I'm making my movie accessible. I use the same "focus ring" (and/or "group") through out the entire movie, so the user doesn't have to turn on/off the text-to-speech every time the scene (group) changes.

Anyway, since there are a different number of items in different scenes, the group order numbers change around a bit. I notice that when I change a scene the focus ring kind of floats where it would be in the previous scene. At first this wasn't too big of a problem, but now the focus ring kind of selects(excutes the access item command) of whatever item it ends up floating over in the next scene.

Here are my general ideas of how to maybe move the focus of the "focus ring".

1. I could maybe attach a behavior to the ring, that detects whenever it passes a new marker...when it passes a new marker it would return the ring to a default location.


2. Maybe I could make a frame behavior at the beginning of each scene (at a new marker)...that functions kind of like the "set the keyboardFocusSprite" command. And moves the focus of the "focus ring" to a sort of "home" sprite.

So if anyone has any suggestions on how I might translate these ideas into lingo, that would be great! Or if anyone has any better ideas..I'm all ears.

thanks. :)