I have setup a forms authentication login page and use custom principal and identity. When authenticate everything goes well. But when I set the cookie holding the encrypted ticket and then redirect to the page requested the page always goes back to the login page.!!

I have also implemented the AquireRequest event to get the cookie back and set it on the HttpContext
but I will not work!

When using server.transfer it all works fine. But know I have encrypted ticket for nothing and realy prefer the redirect way... All examples Ive seen I also tried but none will help.

I think the problem is that my IE doesnot accept Cookies wel but I enabled it and also tried to set a cookie with FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(...) . this works but know I have no data in this cookie so I have a empty cookie...

What can I do about this problem! Can anyone help please!

Barry Faassen
Software Engineer
Hogeschool Rotterdam