IMHO, freeware means "FREE" - use it for as long as you like without
contacting the publisher again for the key. Sure, they can ask for the
user info the first time and keep it in their record. However, I don't
see any point in making the user ask for another serial number every few
months. This means that once their user base grows, they can change
their, so called, 'Freeware' into 'shareware' and now you are stuck.
Quest is notorious for doing that and is simply wrong.

I would strongly recommend anyone not to use "Freeware" solutions from
Quest - they have put a hidden marketing spin on this term. If you need
any software from them, just pay for it and use it. At least you won't
have to ask for a serial number again and again.


joshua_steffan wrote:
> Saw there are some concerns with the freeware version and wanted to
> respond...
> As far as being freeware, it is... Depending on when you register to get
> the freeware key, you will be able to use the program for 3-6 months.
> About a month before the key expires Quest Central will remind you to
> reregister and get a new key (which will be good for 6 months).
> The information collected on the freeware registration page is not used
> for sales activities (no one should be calling you), but for tracking
> the success of the freeware program. This information will help us
> understand how many people are using it.
> One other quick distinction, the freeware version only offers a subset
> of the features found in the licensed product. Free trials are
> available, but you will need to work with a sales person for that.
> I appreciate the feedback (good and bad)!
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