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> I've got a system with Adobe Acrobat & Distiller 5.0 installed. I
> recently upgraded to Reader 6.0 using the download off of the web. Now
> whenever I attempt to open a PDF file using while clicking a link in
> Internet Explorer I get an error message that says "Adobe Acrobat
> cannot be found." The only workaround I've found is to open Acrobat 6
> up in the background before clicking on the link which is obviously a
> bit of a PITA.
> I am also having a problem now that 1/2 the time I try to print to the
> Distiller Printer driver from Microsoft Word the system hangs.

Adobe is bogus. Unless you have it installed on an operating system
produced by Steve Jobs you can forget having it work properly for more
than a week or two before it totally hoses your system.