In trying to resolve one error with my ColdFusion 6.1 installation I seem to
have caused another. I found some instructions that said I should delete a file
named webservices.jar in cf_root/WEB-INF/cfusion/lib. I did not find such a
file, but I found three other instances of webservices.jar. Instead of
deleting, I tried renaming them one at a time. Now, even after naming them all
back to their original name, I cannot get any ColdFusion page to work.

I get "Cannot find server or DNS Error" in my browser. Looking through all the
log files, the page shows up in the IIS log, but about a minute after trying to
go to the page and it shows a 200 result code. I never see any entry for the
page request showing up in the ColdFusion logs. However, in the jrun log file,
I get a message like this:

19:50:59 jrISAPI[6272] Warning: could not set TCP_NODELAY: 10093 Unknown error
19:50:59 jrISAPI[6272] could not initialize Server_1:
19:50:59 jrISAPI[6272] Couldn't initialize from remote server, JRun server(s)
probably down.

In task manager, I see that both jrun.exe and jrunsvc.exe are both running.

Help please. I have no idea what to try next to get this working and I still
have the other problem to resolve.