I have been using coursebuilder for the interactions with some success but I am
having trouble customizing it or getting used to the programming interface. I
am able to dowhat they call multiple feedback for multiple choice. In this way
when the user can make only one choice, I am able to use multiple feedbacks to
set the graphics that I want to appear depending on what the user chooses.
The problem is when we allow multiple selections.

For Instance, there are 4 possible choices, 1 and 2 are correct and 3 and 4
are incorrect. If the user selects 1 then we want a check mark next to 1
indicating that it is correct, a circle around 1 and 2 indicating that they are
the correct answers even though the user only selected one of them. If the
user selects 2 and not 1 then the check mark appears next to the 2 and the
circles are the same as above. If the user selects 3 then a red x appears next
to 3 and the two circles still are around 1 and 2 and if the user selects 2 and
3 then the 2 gets a checkmark, the 3 gets an x and the circles are around 1 and
2?so you see the best way to accomplish this would be to have a feedback for
each choice. I don?t know how to make this happen.

The other problem is with a drop and drag and I think it is the same issue.
There are 6 objects and 2 targets. The user drags an object to one of the
targets and it is either correct or incorrect and the feedback appears in the
place that held the object. Seems simple right? Well I can make it happen for
one object but I need it to all 6 objects (dragging them to the same targets)

Finally, I am supposed to do a matching exercise that involves entering the
number of the item to be matched next to a foil. I think that the problem will
be the same?needing multiple selections AND multiple feedbacks.