Has anybody ran into this same problem??

I just installed the ACX100sta drivers for my DWL-650+ PCMCIA to be detected
in Mandrake 9.1.... it works by detecting BUT it is (or something is
anyways) causing my cpu to over heat. It says it running between the range
of 98-99 and my fan is always on high ing out hotair.

I am using a Toshiba Satellite 1900
Intel Pentium 4 w/ 1.7Ghz (mPGA478 pkg CPU)
Chipset: Intel 82845D MCH (memory controller hub)
Intel 82801 BA I/O Controller HUB2 (ICH2)
QZ6933 for the card bus PCMCIA controller
ATI Mobility RADEON M6-P Graphics controller
256KB L2 Cache

I installed the "acx100_bin_20030626.tgz" from this website:
and followed the HOWTO_acx100.txt instructions!

If I need to uninstall what I did, how do I do it?! Sorry to all, BUT I am
new to the Linux world!

Any help is greatly appreciated!