this is by far the weirdest thing I have seen in years. I am using OSX10.3.3
and Freehand 10 (Studio MX FH10.0) Without warning I have files that all the
sudden are corrupted - some as I open them automatically crash FH and some I
can re-open and view. The files that I can view are changed - the original
graphics appear to be there with a few exceptions (some of the graphics are
gone) and the page size is changed to 400x400 where initially they were
11"x17". I've tried copying a tiny part of the graphic (crash!) exporting the
file (crash!) editing the file (crash!) There dosen't seem to be any pattern -
just random corruption. I am at the end of my rope, spent hundereds of hours
trouble shooting, spent hundereds of hours rebuilding files and have
absolutely no idea what to do... (can you sense my desperation? :) )

Has anyone heard of this? Do I need to upgrade my version of FH - is
OSX10.3.3 the culprit? Any advice would be welcome at this point! Thanks - ray