I want to develop an application (e.g. batch program), that create a pdf file with embedded 3d model using a pdf doent on the file system as a template and a u3d model created on the fly from my application. I don't want to lunch the acrobat and show the result, just create the new pdf doent an save it on the file system.
Is this possible? How?

I read the "3D Annotations" - tutorial, where the steps for creating 3D annotations in a pdf doent are presented. But for adding a U3D content to 3D annotation you have to use the Cos Layer from the Acrobat Core API. As far as I know you have no access to this layer using the IAC interface from another application (only AV and PD layers are accessible). So, can I add U3D content programmaticaly only through a plug-in, or are there methods to do this from another application using the IAC?