I am the admin on my own website, using contribute 3.11...when trying to create
a link, once I have highlighed my text and published my link, the corresponding
text changs its font size to 8 points. I have tried various ways to maintain my
desired font and font size...the page properties seems to accept the changes
when you 'apply' but it doesn't. Using any of the styles doesn't work nor using
the format or text attributes. This is a pain.

Then I have another site that I am a 'user'. When I try to create a new page
from an existing doent (ie. news release) I am finding contribute loads the
doent without a template indicating "new page" or "edit". I have to hunt
around my site to find another page to copy as a new page. (I am trying to
retain the same paragraph formatting and layout).

These are simple things so why so problematic???