I've had a lot of compatibility problems with created presentations so have started using Acrobat instead of trying to export my Macromedia Freehand created files to Keynote or to PowerPoint. I've tried to approaches: 1) Create PDFs directly from Freehand; 2) Print pages from Freehand and then scan directly into PDFs; 3) Export Freehand files as PDF.

My question is this -- why is it that the end product is always significantly and overall better when I print/scan into PDFs rather than creating PDFs by "printing" from Freehand? It would seem that in having to print and then scan I'd surely be losing something....but those PDFs look pretty good (print/scan/PDF). And while the PDFs created by "printing" from Freehand have more vibrant color...the output looks more like what I'd expect from a scan with text looking a little "off" and same with some page elements (hard to describe, but it just doesn't look as crisp). And when I export to PDF from Freehand, it seems that I'm always losing something (some graphic elements don't show up -- like a logo) although the color is more vibrant and everything else more clear (and of course the file size is much larger too).

Maybe the short question is -- what is the "best" way to create PDFs from something like Freehand? Is it that I need to try to resolve the logo issues and use export -- is that what would be expected to produce the best results? Or am I not using another better process?