Hi I am a newbie to Freehand and I am running Freehand MX. I am
following a tutorial from an excellent site
([url]http://www.freehandsource.com/[/url]) on Creating Vector Monotones. The
tutorial looks like it has been written for a previous version of
freehand, but i struggled on. The problem was at the following point:

" This next step is very important. Immediately after convert the
objects to Grayscale, choose the Eyedropper tool. Click on any part of
the illustration to grab a swatch of the color. Drag this swatch to
the Color list drop box like shown in the animation above.

This will not only define the tint of the gray you chose, but will
also define the base color (100k) it came from in the color list. "

At this point on my machine no base colour was produced, instead the
tint of gray just took a % of black (i.e. 70% black). Is this a bug or
are things done differently in MX?

any help would be greatly appreciated,