I am using ID CS 3.0.1 on an XP platform to design manual covers for a suite of software tools.

I am having some problems with colors changing when printing or exporting to PDF. (Actually, I should be more precise: colors change when printing from ID, or when printing a PDF exported from ID.)

Specifically, I have a layer containing a blue gradient applied - the gradient prints brown. Also, the other placed elements on the doent print as white boxes. (The placed elements include both PSD raster and AI vector graphics, and the text.) Sometimes, some elements print 'normally' while others become white boxes, and other attempts result in a different combination of white boxes/normal graphics.

Here's the rub: If I export the ID file as a JPEG, then print the JPEG, everything prints in correct colors (but heavily rasterized, of course).

If I export as EPS & use AI to view/print the doent, the placed elements on the doent cease having a transparent background. It's _almost_ transparent, but not quite. Each element has a slightly opaque 'frame' around it. Also, the gradient blue objects still print 'brown.'

We have an in-house printery, who is having the same problem as I with their equipment.

A final note: This manual cover is the fifth I have made using ID. All share a common look & have the same placed elements, but this is the first to use a color gradient layer (the others used a grayscale gradient layer). All the previous files exported & were printed without a hitch. It is only when I applied the color to the gradient that I ran into problems.

Any suggestions would be welcome. Do not assume that it is a complex problem - I may be overlooking something rather simple.

Tom L.