I am having a problem viewing any styles in the styles drop down menu at the
top of my page when editing.

I am the administrator of the site and I set up the options like this:

Administrator settings > Styles and fonts >
Doent level CSS (pull down)
First 3 checkboxes checked, and show only CSS styles included in this CSS file
(browsed and selected a css file with a single style).
Checked the remainding 3 checkboxes

No matter what I do I have not been successful in ever seeing a style of my
own within this list.

I have tried...

1) Not using a secure site
2) Allowing a different user on a different PC to attempt to create a new page
3) Locating the stylesheet in many different locations
4) Hardcoding the styles into the template
5) Show all styles (which wouldn't work anyway since the pages are PHP based)
6) Banging head violently against wall.

I should mention that I am using a PHP based template which works fine apart
from this styles drop down menu.

Please please please help (asap)!