Given the recent advisory, I'm trying to update a 505 box
(SCO:Unix::5.0.5Eb rs505a.Unix505.1.0a oss497c.Unix.505.1.0a
oss600a.Unix505 OSS621A.505.SCO.Unix.RTS + libsocket.so.2 and
libresolv.so.1) with this updated samba package.

When trying to start Samba however (/etc/init.d/samba start) I get the
following error message:

dynamic linker: /usr/lib/samba/sbin/smbd: relocation error: symbol not
found: sys_errlist

This is the same error I got when trying to use the Samba distributed with
5.0.7 on OSR505 too.

I'm not good enough to figure out where I can look for this symbol, and the
knowledge base for OSR on SCO's webpage doesn't have this symbol listed at

Where can I go?