Today, i switched from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows Server
2003. Actually, it was no big deal, got BIND, Apache and PHP up and
running quite fast.

But I'm experiencing problems with my Web-Development-Server. I can't
make it run cURL anymore. Because i have a lot of stuff which relies
on that I'm pressured to make this working again.

I uncommented the load command for the cURL-extension in php.ini. In a
further step (after having thoroughly read [url]http://www.php.net/curl/[/url] ),
i wanted to move those two dlls mentioned to the

ssleay32.dll - SUCCESS

I clicked 'yes' to overwrite the dll, but windows gave me a error
because it said the dll is in use (?). Which other application is
using this .dll? I just installed BIND, Apache and PHP in this order.

Starting up Apache gives me the following warning message:

"Unable to load dynamic link library 'c:/program
files/php/extensions/php_curl.dll'. The operating system cannot run

After that, Apache seems to run quite nice and stable. But without
cURL :(

Any suggestions?

Thanks a lot!