i think your bank could give you more help than anyone here.
i maybe wrong...


"manx" <webforumsusermacromedia.com> wrote in message
> I have recently launched a website. I have now received a couple of
queries regarding advertising on the site. Could you recommend ways to
receive payment? Customers would
> pay every 3 months.
> Both potential customers are international, one from Ireland, another
> from Tanzania. I am in the UK.
> Another thing: Would I be best quoting prices in Euros, as most of my
> future customers are likely to be more familiar with this currency
> than with sterling? My concern here is the amount I would lose
> converting it to sterling when it arrives in my account. Or would you
> advise that I stick to quoting advertising prices in sterling, and
> let the customer pay for the exchange that would be applied from the
> conversion from their currency? My fear here is that this may put off
> customers? What sort of costs would I incur for receiving payments in
> multiple currencies?
> In effect I'm looking for the best solution to take payments from
> worldwide customers - paying fairly low prices on a regular basis.
> Paypal sounds pretty good - but it limits its service to just a number of
countries. Tanzania doesn't appear on their list. Also I am worried about
customers being put off by having to sign up to Paypal.
> Looked into worldpay, but the setting up of a merchant account for
relatively small number of payments (just accepting payment for banner
advertising) seems a costly option.
> Could I just use a payment gateway solution with just a normal bank
> Anyone know of costs of customers sending international cheques?
> Any help would be much appreciated - all this talk of international
transactions terrifies me!!